transponders & com : TV everywhere with TendanceTV OTT

TendanceTV « Prime time all the time ».                  

Multilingual, multi-thematic, TendanceTV is based on the French Riviera, legendary cradle of universal trendy chic, and glamour. TendanceTV with a core catalogue content of over 15 years of filming by Abundance Production, airs « prime time » content OTT, from all over the world, with Miami, New York or LA red carpets and events, tuned to time zones.

TendanceTV will expand also with partners filming from all kind of locations worldwide : Asia, Europe, Pacific, Africa… TendanceTV is for everyone who has dreams, life style and passions to share, projects to build with new friends. TendanceTV offers its viewers unique,sparkling and lively cross-media content; it is also targeted at all those who are « connected », like to watch content on any type of device, and content creators.