Over the TOP : a new media is born

Tendance TV goes Over the Top – OTT

tv.TendanceTV.com     is on all connected screens worldwide: smart TVs, computers, laptops tablets and smartphones.

Why OTT? What is OTT ? Tendance TV OTT is a TV channel that you can watch on any device, from any location in the world thanks to the Over The Top technology. OTT is used by major company, the most iconic maybe being Netflix. OTT is this new technology that opens on a new business model for the broadcasting of video contents.

With OTT Tendance TV reaches a potential audience of all the people who have high speed internet access, on any device. With »cord cutting » OTT, end-users are set free from the services offered by telecom operators and other ISPs (Internet Service Providers ). They can access content directly online, on smart TVs, smartphones and tablets… and later on also through the set-top boxes of the partners we’ll propose to air the feed.