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The Iliad datacenter DC3

· Campus 11 800m2 with 22 datacenters private 250mÇ,

· Electrical architecture and fully air 2N

· Uptime Institute Certification

· For European Code of Conduct Data center Award 2014

· Data center PUE in real time

· Services: Private Data Center

The essential mission of a data center is to provide a power supply and an air conditioning system operating continuously and optimally. The DC3 technical environment exceptional  offered by the data center enables customers to reduce their environmental footprint, reduce costs hosting and significantly reduce operational risk.

Geographic location

The DC3 data center is located in Vitry-sur-Seine at 61 rue Julian Grimau, less than 6 km from Paris and easily accessible by road (N7, A86), public transport (Metro line 7 Villejuif Louis Aragon) and 5 kms from Orly airport.

It is located within an operational environment without known risks, in the heart of the main electricity transmission nodes in the Paris region. This 3 hectare technology campus in the group Iliad has over 600 employees and offers one of the largest computer room area near Paris.

Available services

DC3 is designed to meet the specific needs of cloud computing and large information systems.

The building offers many innovations with 22 datacenters private turnkey, 250 m2 extensible to 1600 m2 , designed following the principles of 2N redundancy, and Tier-III* certified by the Uptime Institute.

*Tier certifications, validating the quality of design and manufacturing data centers worldwide. The certification process is drastic and dissect each component of a site to ensure its level of fault tolerance with the basic principle of redundancy of all equipment.

Each private data center is self-powered, has air conditioning, detection and fire extinction, and the ability to support the high density arrays.

« This is the only real technical certification in our business, explains Arnaud Birmingham, Director of Iliad Tech. While traditional ISO 27001 and 9001 that are found in many centers interested security respectively of the information and quality management, the Tier standard looks at the infrastructure itself.  »

We also offer our services roommate and accommodation in private cold corridor through authorized partners in this datacenter.


Our data center having a neutral position with respect to operators, we enable telecom operators to access and benefit from our infrastructure through two rooms operators adductions two optical fibers and two meet-me-room redundant and interconnected to all Iliad other datacenters. DC3 and has a wide range of telecommunications operators .

Key points

• Fully autonomous space, delivered turnkey and urbanized according to the Iliad Datacenter standards,

• Infrastructure sized kVA = kW, ie 20% more energy available without additional cost,

• The fire detection system VESDA advanced laser and fire suppression by water mist

• A model of single billing, flexible and guarantees the continuity of your SI

Private datacenter : a new alternative to outsourcing infrastructure

In choosing the private Datacenter, you go more to a unique marketing model combining technical and simplicity. You will increase your productivity and competitiveness without compromising your independence.

You get this:

– On the economy of scale while controlling the variability of operating costs and freeing you of data center management issues,

– Efforts undertaken by Iliad Datacenter in improving the performance and efficiency of its data centers by materializing solutions with controlled costs,

– To completely dedicated to your use infrastructure, offering a high level of resilience,

– The possibility to purchase power you need as and evolve your platforms.

High availability for the most critical infrastructures

The DC3 campus consists of 22 private datacenters. It offers a new generation of lodging designed for players of Cloud Computing and corporate information systems of all sizes.


• Custom Private Datacenter, expandable up to 1600m2 250m2,

• cold type Urbanisation confined corridors,

• Secure Space, self-powered, air conditioning, fire detection and fire extinction VESDA laser

and fire suppression by water mist:

• Power density of 1.5 kW / m2, media bays up to 15kW capacity,

• Type 2 N 4 Architecture corrugated electrical branches,

• Service of local actions, available 24h / 24, 7/7,

• Many facilities, secure storage spaces dedicated, offices, restaurant on-site

• High Availability Architecture, boasting over one hundred certifications

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